Inventor, Director, Artist

Available for Creative, Marketing, or Technology executive positions

Len Morales Jr. has had the pleasure of working on creative, marketing, and technology projects for many major U.S. and international companies over the past 25 years. The most well known of those companies include Samsung, Walt Disney, Intuit Inc. (QuickBooks), Starbucks Coffee, Citi Bank, Motorola, St Jude Medical, UCLA, Dr. Phil, American Express, Showtime, and DirectTV, though there are countless others. Uniquely, Len has a diverse history of assisting companies across a vast array of industries—including real estate, medical, legal, financial, music and entertainment, cosmetic, retail, aerospace, hospitality and tourism, manufacturing, academia, landscaping, construction, and information technology.

Just like his diverse project portfolio, Len has worked in a wide range of corporate positions, from executive management to strategy and business consulting, to web design, to creative directorial positions. His first start-up experience was a B2B seed-funded by angel investor Meg Whitman—who was CEO of eBay at the time! This all culminated in his work as a director for Infogain Corporation, where he provided CRM integration technology consulting to Fortune 500 companies, and INLANDLIGHT his consulting agency. Len also acted as Marketing Director/ Creative Director for a local restaurant chain that won an Emmy for the creative campaign and a series of commercials he produced for the company.

And while he has years of experience with executive teams of large, enterprise-level organizations, he is still most passionate about his work for start-ups and small business organizations. He thrives in growing B2B and B2C environments and enjoys supporting independent businesses. After leaving Infogain, Len proceeded to bootstrap several online brands. Right off the bat, he founded the international travel portal,, spearheading partnerships and national marketing campaigns with Dos Equis, Lions Gate Entertainment, and the Mexico Tourism Board—just in the first year. Not long after, the company was successful enough to draw the attention of Expedia, resulting in Len’s first successful exit by acquisition.

However, Len doesn’t just grow businesses, he also starts them. Currently, Len is founder of several growing SaaS (Software as a Service) applications that empowers users with innovative cloud publishing, viewing, and sharing technology. He has also secured a technology patent for a system and method for publishing online posts in the cloud, which is a culmination of many years of work in cloud technology. Today, Len continues to incubate, develop and invest in new business models, as well as technology. When he’s not all business, he enjoys photography, music, snowboarding, off-grid camping and producing fine art.

Below is an extended list of previous clients and corporate project partnerships: Samsung, Walt Disney, Intuit Inc. (QuickBooks), Starbucks Coffee, Tandberg Data, Dr. Phil, Newport Cottages, Edge Manufacturing, Association of Surfing Lawyers, Inostor, One LLP., Mower, Carreon & Desai, LLP, Hodes Group, IRL Music, Citi Bank, Amgen, Providian Financial, Motorola, St Jude Medical, UCLA, Summit Doors,, American Express, E-team, Astronics Corporation, IDX, Adaptec, Ross Stores, Marconi Astronics, Alcatel, OakRidge Products, Jest Enterprises, AMA Plastics, Stone Equipment, SJA Associates, Showtime, and DirectTV.