Rebranding After 30 Years

New York Music Composer


Dana Kaproff is a master storyteller, who believes in the extraordinary power of music to transform the storytelling experience. He is passionate about sharing with filmmakers his perspectives, informed by years of experience, on how a great score can shape a film, provide structure and cohesion, help define characters, develop relationships, and ensure that the emotional impact of the narrative is realized to its full potential. “Music can be that essential voice words and images alone cannot fully express” he notes, “and I love to develop that voice, weave it into the tapestry of the film, and add an important dimension to the filmmaker’s vision.”

Services I Performed

  • Website design and development
  • Brand development
  • Video production
  • IT consulting/ support
  • DNS/ hosting setup

Intro Video Production

Challenged by video resolution on sample video clips, and other creative assets, I was able to produce a piece that captures the more traditional and experienced feel Dana was looking to convey. Dana trusted me with full creative direction on music composition selection and video production.

Len Morales played an integral role in developing the contemporary look and dynamic feel of my company’s website and my new brand. Len provided me with the creative guidance and cutting edge technical expertise necessary to bring to life everything I had envisioned. Now, when people visit my site I end up with compliments and with clients!

Dana KaproffMusic Composer